Lady Elle - Strawberry Wax Jalandhar

Strawberry Wax

Delight your senses with this naturally scented Rica Strawberry Wax. It is great for plucking out even the tiniest of hair. The fruit acid in it even helps lighten the skin tone. Strawberry Wax Melts easily, spreads evenly, Sticks Properly & Pulls of Painless, in a jerk Strawberry Wax Strips-Clean. No Mess. No Threading

White Chocolate Wax

This type of wax is originally from Italy. It is little bit expensive than regular wax. It leaves the skin soft and glowing.

Lady Elle - White Wax Jalandhar
Lady Elle - aloe vera waxing in Jalandhar

Aloe Vera Wax

For people with extra sensitive skin, aloe vera in the wax ensures that the skin remains moisture and clean after waxing

Chocolate Wax

This wax is suitable for people with sensitive skin types. It is anti- inflammatory and natural to use. The oils in it help in smoothening the skin after wax.

Lady Elle - Chocolate Waxing Jalandhar
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Honey Wax

It is the usual lemon and sugar mix that has been used by women for ages and is the most common.