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Remove Nail Extensions

Nail extensions are attractive and great as they last long and are hard to chip. However, sometimes nails extension removal is painful. So the best way to take it off, is to take the help from any professional makeup artist at some good Salon. Because scraping and pulling at home or personally can cause damage. At Lady Elle we follow proper guideline and bring back your beautiful natural nails in no time at all.

Our highly trained staff of Lady Elle is here to handle all your needs with a professional Cuticle Care, complete nail care that will make you look and feel phenomenal. Book an Appointment and give us an hour of your time — you’ll be glad you did!

Chrome Nails

Chrome nails are the trendiest right now, and if you’re wandering to giving high-shine nails a go, we have numbers of different ways to wear them. From acrylic to DIY nail polish and understated to extra, we’ve got chrome covered.

Lady Elle is a seven heaven for Nail extensions addicts. Beside Salon services we also provide training from beginner who come to the Nails Mantra and learn or refine their nail extensions and to give full rein to their creativity. A Large part of the Saloon is also about providing services like nail extensions, hair extensions and eyelash extension

Sparkle. Shine. Glow – we have all types of chrome styles for your like Rose-gold, Diamond blue, Holographic chrome, mirror-effect nail polish, Pink chevrons, Black gunmetal mani, Nude x Chrome, Holographic heart tips, Oil slick duo-chrome, Copper chrome, Pink chrome, Kendrick chromes, Stick-on stiletto nails, Liquid metal polish, Under-the-sea, Marble chrome, Unicorn chrome, Teal Tips, Sherbet talons and many more styles that Complements Your Everyday Style.

Lady Elle - Chrome Nail Art in Jalandhar
Lady Elle - nail extensions in Jalandhar

French Nail Extension

Beautiful nails have always been a great attraction of our grooming ritual from ancient times. Women love to take care of nails and accessorize their hands in no. of ways.

Long nails were a sign of status and wealth in ancient Egypt. In current times too this tradition continues but in modern ways and techniques and beautiful nails has become a part of personality.

So get yourself entice to stand out of the crowd with those most exquisite looking French nail extensions. Lady Elle offers French Nail Extension Services using product from the most popular brands. We also offer other types of Nail Extensions like Acrylic & Gel Nail Extensions.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained to give you that perfect and professional Nail Extension you need. We can also combine the Nail extension and the nail art to give you the exquisite look.

Trendy Yet Versatile, Let Your Nails Flaunt Your Attitude With Quirky Patterns. Book now for appointment.

Nail Art

There is nothing more trendy & classic Than Nail-Art That Complements Your Style and mood.

Lady Elle is the well known beauty salon for the best Nail art in Jalandhar, Punjab, as nail art is the perfect way to express your creativity with endless design possibilities!

It is a method of coloring and enhancing outlines on your fingernails. It is a modern approach to highlight your regular look or give an extraordinary event outfit. We encourage clients to think outside the box with our vast range of colors and finishes available in matte, glossy, textured etc.

Over the last few couple of years, nail art has turned into a piece of nobility and determined societal position. No doubt your nails are a fashion accessory in themselves therefore Lady Elle encourages their client’s creative expression while giving a stylish & harmless toxin- free nail polish. Give us the opportunity to enhance your beauty

Lady Elle - nail art in Jalandhar
Lady Elle - Nail extension in Jalandhar

Acrylic Nail Extension

With recent developments like the Acrylic Nails, the days are Gone when only a certain rich part of the society could afford to flaunt their perfect nails.   Acrylic nails are so common nowadays and theses are artificial extensions that are applied to the existing nails in order to increase their strength and durability of nails, maintaining the natural look.

Now everyone can get nails of their own choice as acrylic nails are easier to style, and are stronger, long lasting in comparison to the other nail overlays. The acrylic nails are designed by combining liquid monomer and a powder polymer, which when mixed form a hard protective layer that is sculpted over the natural nail. The nails get harder when come in contact with air.

At Lady Elle, we have certified and experienced tail technician that get a perfect set of Acrylic Nails for their clients as often if done improperly can look artificial and thick. To do so perfectly we add  an artificial tip added on nail before using acrylic mix and just after that the nails extensions are buffed and shaped for a shiny look.

The following are the services we offer under acrylic nails.

• Health, safety & hygiene
• Consultation techniques
• Contraindications
• Nail preparation
• Tip application and blending techniques
• Correct product ratio
• Application of acrylic
• Maintenance procedure
• Removal procedure
• Aftercare advice

Gel Nail Extension

We believe that everyone deserves great nails. The Gel is a hair gel type of consistency that is differ from acrylic in a way that no mixing is required to create gel and the nails must be cured in a UV lamp to create strong gel extensions.

This Gel is normally applied either on top of an artificial nail extension, or directly onto the natural nail bed to strengthen the nail. This promotes long nail growth naturally.

We are perfection-seekers promising to make each client feel great. We give high quality services for nail treatments and also promote healthy natural nails. From classic Shellac styles to modern nail art – metallic tapes, think block colors, or monochromes,  our nail experts will work to perfection to give your nails a perfect look. We also provide perfect manicure and pedicure treatments in our salon that is carefully curetted to suit our clientele.

Craving for Lovely and Shiny Nails? Here’s everything you desire about getting Nail extensions!

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