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Mineral Makeup

Today’s women are more health conscious than ever before. That may be one reason Mineral Makeup is gaining in popularity. Or perhaps it is because more people are seeing the benefits of mineral makeup for themselves. They are seeing the results and they want to stay healthy and look amazing.

If you want to look like you, only with better skin, mineral makeup is for you. If you want to treat your body and skin with respect and kindness, mineral makeup is for you. If you desire to be natural, refined, and beautiful … you guessed it, mineral makeup. Our products not only work with your body chemistry and are safe and healthy to wear, but our natural cosmetics give your face a healthy, flawless glow.

Shimmer Makeup

Shimmer makeup is a recent trend that taking salons by storm—highlighter and glitter options are more plentiful than ever. Shimmer makeup is exactly same it sounds like…it shimmers It’s known for giving that sun-kissed youthful glow as this makeup contains sparkle and glitter. This shimmer makeup is a combination of featuring Expert Wear Eye Shadow Mono with Chrome Metallic Highlighter, Color Sensational Matte Metallics Lipstick and Color Sensational Matte Metallic Lip Liner.

Shimmer can come in various textures however it’s vital that your setting powder contains shimmer. Our beauty experts will give you the illuminating look that you want with this makeup. We make your face glow with using foundation, use a light fluffy brush to gently apply your setting powder giving a subtle looks. The illuminating shimmer makeup works good as a bronzer or highlighter to create a glowy look that warms your skin. So what you waiting for the best way to get that illuminating look you want is just a clickaway!

Lady Elle - Makeup artist Jalandhar
Lady Elle - best bridal makeup artist in Jalandhar

Hd Makeup

Dreaming of a stellar bridal look on your special day? Then, it's time to go 'High Definition'. HD Make Up is exclusively suitable for bridal makeup as the marriage functions are longer than party or engagement. To have a long-lasting effect since you’ll be sitting throughout your wedding for a long time HD makeup is ideal for you. Our HD Makeup artist has a special focus on all kinds of brushes and sponges that are used. This makeup give a flawless finish that does not come off, look cakey or fades away.

HD Makeup do not let any spot unfinished and look amazing in the cameras. Our HD Makeup artist in jalandhar uses light-scattering and light-reflective particles that help to diffuse the focus from your flaws in skin. HD makeup makes the makeup appear more natural and less layered leaving minimal residue. It gives a perfect finish to the face, hiding all the acne and marks. If you want to look exactly as defined as the people you watch on TV shows or actress, say goodbye to makeup breakouts and have HD makeup look. If you have any question that you want to ask about HD makeup, including how much you should pay for it! Just give us a call now.

Airbrush Makeup

Weddings are the most photographed celebration especially if you are the bride or the groom. On your day if you want to have a spotless makeup and want to get assured that every click is perfect, candid or not. Than Air brush makeup is all what you need. Airbrush makeup requires an applicator brush and it is lightweight makeup applied with an airgun. It is the process of spraying liquid foundation on face through the small chamber of the airgun. As the trigger is pressed, a mist of foundation covers the face and the makeup blends perfectly with the skin to give a flawless finish.

Airbrush method can also be used to apply blush, lip colours, eye shadow and refine eyebrows. The airbrush technique can create a natural finish, if applied well. Benefits of Air brush makeup:

1. It is a quick process and gives you an incandescent looks which not only feels great on the camera but to the naked eyes well.

2. Airbrush Makeup is long lasting as it doesn’t run off until removed with a strong makeup cleanser.

3. Airbrush is your best bet, If it’s a day function in the open. Even suitable for wedding with slightly humid weather.

So if you’re worried about your makeup melting off, you should probably go for airbrush makeup by our Lady Elle makeup experts. If you still haven’t finalized a makeup artist for your special day, Book an appointment now!

Lady Elle - best makeup artist in Jalandhar
Lady Elle - Matt makeup artist Jalandhar

Matte Makeup

Looking for the glamorous look for special day that you have been eagerly waiting for? Just sit back and let the best party makeup artists of Lady Elle in Jalandhar handle it for you as Matte makeup is perfect for making a statement, as they take away the natural sheen and shine of lips. Matte makeup means bold and completely opaque and it basic focus is solely on the color. Our Matte eye shadows makeup gives you smoky and dusty eye looks. This makeup is quite easy to spot, as it’s that poreless, airbrushed look that we all know and love.

Some of the advantages of matte make up :-

1. Matte makeup stays long lasting more than creamy or glossy makeup.

2. Matte makeup is best suitable for oily skin as matte makeup is oil-absorbing.

3. A matte version onto your lips gives you pretty pigment without the showy gloss.

Usually, matte makeup does not have any oil. So, it can be suitable for people with oily skin. Matte makeup can make it appear more noticeable even if you have dry skin. Lady Elle’s have highly talented staff and accomplished makeup artists in Jalandhar who have been hired after going through a stringent quality check. So, Tune up your inner diva and wow everyone with our matte makeup gorgeous look.

Smokey Makeup

With Lady Elle Grab a sexy smokey eye look and a pouty nude lip perfect for any party or festive. Our makeup experts have hand on experience to give you a warm smoky eye look that will add just the right amount of drama to your wedding makeup. No wonder , Sexy, mysterious, romantic, and chic are just a few words that best describe the smokey eye. Giving your eyes a dark color is an easy way to dramatically upgrade your entire look. This beauty trend looks just as stunning even during the day.

Smokey eye enthusiast many fashion designer for their love for the dark and stormy look to her youthful appearance. It can add depth and dimension to one's eyes, make one's eyes appear larger, complement the eye color, or simply draw attention to the eyes. Many people use smokey eye makeup simply to improve their appearance, but it is also commonly used in theatre, wedding function and other plays, to create a memorable look, with bright, bold colors. This trend smokey eye looks is definitely a must-try. So stop waiting and start booking with us.

Lady Elle - makeup artist Jalandhar