Hair Rebonding

Are you dreaming of having straight hair?

We have a service that will fulfill all your hair dreams. From permanent straightening to rebonding and smoothening we will re-texture your hair according to your desire.

These are the treatments that help transform the structure of your hair making it more manageable and sleeker hair.

So, what would you go for? A pin straight hair or something that looks more natural? Let’s discuss both the treatments in detail.

What is Hair Rebonding?

This is a chemical treatment that makes your hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. It involves the use of harsh chemicals and later, your hair is exposed to extensive heat.

The process starts with the application of a relaxant, which helps break down the protein bonds in your hair and then rebuilding them to alter the structure of your hair with the help of neutralizer.

Hair Straightening treatment generally takes from 3-8 hours depending upon the length of the hair. Once rebonding is done, the hair requires intensive care.

  • It cannot be tied and tucked behind the ears.
  • A mild straightening specific shampoo and conditioner is recommended for washing rebonded hair.
  • Regular Oiling and home-made masques are advisable to deep condition your hair.
  • You could be even suggested to eat nuts and green veggies to provide nutrition to your hair so it becomes healthy and strong.

This treatment is quite suitable for people with very curly hair and the end result is poker straight hair.

Get the best hair services with Lady Elle. Our experts ensure that you will get smooth and frizz-free hair without causing any damage to your actual hair texture.

If you need to know anything else about hair straightening then contact Lady Elle directly. You can also book in for your hair straightening appointment over the phone.