Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be worn at any event including weddings, parties, and proms, etc. From long, short, pony and curly, these extensions are available in different varieties to add volume to your hair.

Whether you are yearning for long waist-length hair, beachy waves or a decent ponytail, Hair Extensions could be an instant solution to all your hair problems.  Our hair stylists have been highly trained to bring out the best of your hair.

As a salon professional, it’s our job to teach you about all the different types of hair extensions that work fantastic for our clients as solutions to their all hair concerns.

Temporary Extensions

Such extensions are mostly known as Clip-ins or temporaries. The pros of temporary extensions are:

  • These are available in different sizes.
  • These works really great for people who want instant satisfaction.
  • Clip-ins are easy to place and can be adjusted all over the head in a short amount of time.
  • To apply clip-in extensions, you don’t need any fancy tools, or sticky tape.
  • It allows you to experiment with all the latest hair trends.


These most popular extensions are recognized as tape-ins. A few features of such hair extensions are:

  • It lasts for around 6-8 weeks.
  • It is undetectable when applied.
  • It is very lightweight and yet very comfortable.
  • It looks like natural when blended seamlessly on wavy and straight hair.
  • It does not stress your scalp and strands.



This kind of hair extension is attached as close as possible to your scalp to deliver the most innovative natural-looking permanent hair.  In this method, a weave can be sewn into the natural hair using a needle rather than tapping or clipping the weaves.

Lady Elle is proud to be the salon of your choice for hair extensions. We assure that our experts will guide you in choosing the right hair extension for you.