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Lady Elle - face farming hair cut in Jalandhar

Face Framing

As you know that no two people are the same and in the same way, no two haircuts should be the same. Choosing a right type of haircuts and layers should always complement your face shape. We at Lady Elle, take a deep analysis of your face shape like an oval, square, heart-shaped or round and then, give you the best cuts for face framing layers! Our hair specialist gives a standard hairstyle for long hair, adding in long layers that take away weight and bulk, giving the cut personality and movement.

Face-framing layer cut gives a flattering focal point that draws attention to the eyes that blend in soft and brings life to our client’s long hair. For balancing a wide forehead we add heavy fringe or bangs in a nice way, while side fringe complements a short forehead. This hair cut works with all face shapes and hair textures. So, whatever kind of layers is right in your mind, we are here to turn into reality.

Step Cut

A step haircut is very common, yet popular layered hairstyle that doesn't blend the different lengths of hair. On Contrary, A normal layered haircut, might have varying lengths of hair yet they're blended, so the different lengths aren't noticeable. The different lengths are noticeable on purpose in this type of hair cut. Step haircuts can be mullets, choppy layers, jagged cuts, and clipped layers. A short step haircut can includes a style with obvious layers, sudden changes of hair length with bangs or versions of bobs. Longer step haircuts are less popular as some of the aim in choosing a haircut is obviously layered.

However, Shoulder-length haircut styles can be without blending the layers with one another and in form of stepped by cutting hair at different levels. More than blended hairstyles, these haircuts have the tendency to show off color variations and hair textures more because the sudden modification of layers can correspond with a sudden modification of color. This cut is excellent because it allows for chunky color combinations or highlights to be accentuated. What kind of cutting is right for your face cut let Lady Elle hair experts help you to find out? Call us now to book appointment.

Lady Elle - Multi Layer Hair Cut in Jalandhar

Multi Layer For Long Hair

Multi-layered for Long hair are flattering and easy to manage. Multi-layer cut when it’s done correct, the results are beautiful. But at the same time it’s one of the most misunderstood hair techniques if not handled by expert can result in uneven, unruly, and downright unattractive tresses. Multi-layered for Long hair is ideal for creating variable strand lengths throughout the hair. It is the most popular method for adding volume, maintaining control for short, medium, and long hairstyles and also creating interest.

Our hairstylist achieves this by layering that involves lifting individual strands of hair from the head at different angles. We look for keen aspects of hair while cutting like the hair’s natural growth pattern, and cut them to a specific length to achieve a desired look. Lady Elle not only has a team of hair experts to give you a fresh hair cut but also provide special hair cutting courses. For more information enquire now.

Layered Bob

Have you ever noticed cool girl bob cut? Do you wonder how this heavily textured layered bob with wispy bangs can look on your face? You need not to worry we are here to help you with best hair cut that looks classily and cool. Bob Layer cut is an ideal chopped cut for thick hair that is lightweight but still full of volume. And if you have thick hair than these layered bob haircuts is definitely for you! The bob cut is beautiful and timeless. Some of customers believe that layering is actually designed to remove volume but it’s not true as it allows the hair to be light enough to have movement.

At Lady Elle, there is definitely a stylish bob for every face shape with the different lengths and styles. We give our client’s more and more celebrities like look that are combined with rocking bob hairstyles with highlights, natural looking finishes and grading. Moreover, here is Good news for our client’s who has a few face-framing layers on their generally one-length cut, we can transition that beautifully to a sharp, blunt lob. So are you ready for smooth and voluminous hair look with some texture spray for something more modern than why wait book an appointment now.

Lady Elle - Layer Bob Cutting in Jalandhar
Lady Elle - One Length Hair Cut

One Length

A below-the-shoulder one length haircut is our salon expertise. This type of hair cut is an excellent choice for fine long hair. One Length Cut is done by cutting the hair to the same perimeter length from the natural fall. The natural position of the hair is referred to the natural fall. Our hair experts gives a strong, dramatic and defined outline edge by cutting all the hair to a stationary guide, which can make fine hair look much fuller. Not only do you need to choose your tension carefully.

Our hair stylish take into consideration of many factors like the roundness of the neck, the ear protrusion and other facial features. These combination factors can replace your perfect one length line. We take great care, strategically throughout your haircut to achieve perfect results. It is quite difficult technique to master. But don’t worries, here at Lady Elle our hair specialist provide you with the world’s best advice on getting it right. To get started, Book an Appointment with us. We’ve both below and above the shoulder cuts.

Blunt Cut

Hair cut adds ounces to our style and personality and it is like a frame to our face. Once the hair cut is done perfect, the most elegant part of the look is complete. We at Lady Elle take intense care that all professionals at our salon are well trained and qualified to get you the dream hair services.

Blunt cut is a type of a haircut with no layers, cut straight-across where the weight falls on the bottom of the hair. Sometimes it is also called as a “solid” or “heavy” cut.

Our experts will consult you and handcraft a hair cut with a style that uses scissors to create sharp, graphic lines will deliver this sort of cut. No matter how your hair are whether its thin, fragile or fine our experts will give a haircut that preserves the density and overall integrity of your hair.

From a blunt cut to a trendy lob cut or even just the classic front bangs or fringes, book your desired hair cut with us.

Lady Elle - Bob Cutting in Jalandhar

Bob Cut

New season, new look, isn’t it exciting? There’s no style more chic than the bob.

It’s just long enough to style in fun yet short to keep the hair off the back of your neck. Its not like just foundations or lipsticks that is one-size-fits-all types of deals, rather, we let you find what works for you, your routine, and your hair type.

Lady Elle Offer’s world-class hair and other spa services, we mainly aims on your looks that make you feel special and capture the moment where-ever you go. Our team provides unique cut that matches your look and personal style. No doubt, a bob haircut looks good on any kind of hair but it’s a very good haircut for hair which is lacking volume.

Come grab a seat and be pampered by the finest hairdressers that Lady Elle salon at Jalandhar has to offer!

Long Layers

Long hair has an enduring style factor that has made it so famous throughout the ages. A long hair cut let you add layers to their haircut which not only looks trendy but they have the potential to give your hair a good texture and lots of volume. The most critical aspect to consider when you’re thinking if or if not you should chop your long length hair is your hairs type in addition to the advantages and disadvantages.

Long Layers have two primary purposes depending on how full and thick your hair is:

1. thin excess thickness
2. boost volume

But , if you don’t want to thin out your hair then layers are probably not advisable.

Advantages of long Layered hair cut

1. Layers create lots of movement and style to your haircut
2. For a very flattering look you can have this cut by adding a few layers around the face you can frame your face
3. This hair cut almost Compliment all face shape from strategically places layers to add better proportions or emphasize your cheeks, eyes or lips.

Lady Elle - Long Layers Cutting in Jalandhar
Lady Elle - Layered Hair Cut Jalandhar

Layers Cuts

When you’re ready for a new haircut just try or layer cut style. This style can give you a fresh style to an old. Layers give you that new change giving your hairstyle the simplest way to gain new confidence. The best part of it all is you don’t have to lose length or spend hours in the perm chair for a new hairstyle. There are a many options for a layered hairstyle.
Different types of Layers :
• Angled or Concave Layers
• Round or Convex Layering
• Vertical Layering
Layer cut not only give you a trendy look but they have the potential to give your hair lots of volume and texture. Your hair is the first thing people ever notice about you, so our goal is to provide you with the best haircut so that you look great!

Long Graduate Cuts

Are you searching for new haircut to inspire your looks? Or perhaps you’re just beginning your hairdressing journey? Whichever category you may fall into, doesn’t miss our long graduate haircut service.
Are you wondering how can we give graduation on long hair?” People often confuse these cut as layer cuts but no! Unlike uniform layering, graduation on longer hair permits you to remove internal weight and create bulk around the external lengths. This gives a perfect look for clients who would like layers but also want to keep fullness around the outline of their haircut. Usually long graduation is usually cut at 135°. There are many other types of graduate cuts like that are offered at Lady Elle as:-
• Forward or c-shape graduated haircuts
• Mid-length graduated haircuts
• Short graduated haircuts
• Combined graduated haircuts
Lady Elle offers you the chance to get this new and professional look at very minimal prices. Obviously we hope you’ll love it and want to try again. But book your appointment now to avail.

Lady Elle - Long Layer Hair Cut Jalandhar